ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage


 I have been a massage therapist for the last 8 years, took many courses to upgrade myself but the most rewarding one is the ITEC Diploma in Sports Massage which I enrol in SOHA Institute last year. Since then, I have been using the techniques such as CTM, NMT and STR that I learnt from the course.  I continue to apply the knowledge of locating muscle origin and insertion in my massage routine and this has proven to have a positive feedback from clients.  In fact, my clients who are either golfers, bowlers and tennis players tell me the improvement and effectiveness of the sports massage.  I used to earn $1800 working as a wellness therapist at the airport but since early this year, my earnings have shot up to $3000 in my full time work. This is in addition to the freelance work that I continue to do for my regular customers.  I am now looking forward to more advanced programs offered at SOHA. 

Thank you SOHA for this breakthrough in my profession. - Mohd Saini bin Mondial (Mr)

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This course is for massage therapists who wish to provide treatments for individuals engaged in sporting activities and those seeking relief from chronic muscle conditions.Sports Massage therapists not only carry out treatments for sports injuries,but provide treatment before,during and after physical activity,helping recovery time and aiding an athlete's performance. This course will equip trainees with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform Professional Sports Massage.